Advancing Your Kickboxing Knowledge and Skills

Instructor (Kru Muay) Dr. Jolie Bookspan, MEd, PhD, FAWM
4th degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, Instructor Rank of Master
Undefeated full contact Muay Thai boxer

Director Neck and Back Pain Sports Medicine
Director AFEM - Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine

Trained in martial arts in China, Japan, and the United States.
Trained and competed in Thai Boxing in The Netherlands and Thailand.
Martial Artist of the Year 2004 International Martial Arts Association.
Master Instructor of the Year 2009 International Martial Arts Association.
Inducted, International Black Belt Hall of Fame .



Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is the devastating "Art of Eight Limbs" from Thailand - Two fists, Two feet, Two elbows, Two knees.

This is the Class Syllabus Page for Dr. Bookspan's classes to continue and advance your kickboxing training and abilities. To come into this class, you have previously learned enough to know how to learn.  Work with discipline, good attitude, and steady effort.

For the class syllabus for Beginning and Review Kickboxing and Muay Thai classes, click here. For Karate class, click here.



Class Text Books






What is Taught

  • Advancing your knowledge gained in the basic class of good behavior and discipline of body and mind.
  • New ways to improve muscular strength and endurance and how to consciously transfer them to real life.
  • History and practices of Muay Thai. Injury prevention by changing unhealthy stretches, exercises, and movement patterns.
  • Confidence, determination, positive spirit by keeping going even when we really use the body.
  • Heavy bag and partner sparring. Transferring healthy movement, breathing, focus, and positive thinking, not only to class but daily life.
  • Make an effort - that's why it's called exercise.
  • Learn to stop whining when life challenges you (Martial Arts class as metaphor for life) - "Closed minds are easily broken when the face hits the mat."



To Gain Discipline, Practice

- Arrive a few minutes before class to collect your equipment and be ready to begin on-time
- We begin in Kneeling Seiza (formal kneeling sitting for Zezan) to clear your mind for class.
- Begin silent Seiza right after getting your equipment. Good chance to review class readings.
- Don't hold up class then complain class isn't starting or ending on time.
- If you want more or less attention, just ask
- To become disciplined and happy, practice it.
- Classes warm up first before stretching, with several stretches throughout
- Bring water and needed items, for example, asthma inhalers. No chewing gum
- Eat enough before class, and drink water to have energy to work
- Class is structured, with several skill sets. Quickly transition without delaying class.
- We warm up before stretching
- Advise Dr. Bookspan of medical conditions to suit class to your needs
- If you feel sick, don't leave the room without notice
- Enjoy class. Ask questions. Contribute your perspective. Smile!
- Don't complain or stop if something is hard. Just try. Do the work. You will improve
- You are important. Call or e-mail for help/encouragement at any time.
- Learn the discipline to face whatever task and do well. Then transfer this discipline to life.
- Complement your training by taking the Warrior Yoga class and other classes to Fix and Prevent Injury.
- Enjoy your training. Smile. Breathe. Practice hard.
- Respect yourself, teacher, and class. Smile!

"A champion is someone who gets up when he can't." - Jack Dempsey.



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Muay Thai comes from a long tradition of hard work and spiritual values. In Thailand, respect and self-discipline are highly prized and practiced. Muay Thai Teachers have always had a significant role in Muay Thai. Part of the pre-fight ritual is to honor the teacher. "Wai Khru" (bow or pray to the teacher) is a mark of respect done before every fight.

In many martial arts traditions it is customary for students to practice remembering positive values. Sometimes, it involves the tradition of the teacher giving students parables to learn better thinking. In other schools, a series of set thoughts are recited at the beginning and/or end of each class.


By Shotokan Founder Gichin Funakoshi
Seek perfection of character
Be faithful
Respect others
Refrain from violent behavior
From Sakugawa Tode
Strive for completion of character
Protect the way of the truth
Foster the spirit of effort
Respect the principles of etiquette
Guard against impetuous courage

Basic Rules of Goju
Everyone works
Nothing is free
All start at the bottom
Block soft, strike hard


Muay Thai – Good behavior, discipline, bravery, diligence, etc.

"In Thailand we say, "Tai dab mai khom, tai dom nak." It means "if the sword is not sharp, use a heavy shaft." That means if you are not the strongest at something, then work your hardest. If you are weaker than the next person, then lift weights diligently and practice techniques that may work better for you. If you are shorter than the next person, then practice speed and other aspects to excel over them. Capitalize on skills where you excel. Remember that skills where you are weak are the very ones you must train the most. Get in shape. Go train. Develop physical and mental skills and grace to win well. And courage to lose well. They are both normal parts of life.



Syllabus - What We Do Each Class

Readings below are from my column The Fitness Fixer which ran on from 2006 to 2010. When they ended my column they first removed all my movies, all comments, and most accompanying illustrations and photos, then a few years later, removed all the articles. Come to class for the graphics.


Class 1

Muay Thai history, Muay Ram ring prayer dance. Review healthy bending, stance, placement of knee, lower back, shoulder, and neck. Contact fighting principles and practices. Remember self-discipline and enjoying hard physical training. Partner exercise and drills.

Class 1 short on-line readings were: Is Bad Martial Arts Good Exercise? and Which Ancient Exercise Gives Focus and Concentration?

Class 1 movie to watch: Are You Stronger Than A 67 Year Old Lady? Bookmark and do this with her every day.

Class 1 Textbook readings: Forward, Introduction, Lifestyle, to page 8. Prevent Injuries 162-196..


Class 2

Contact fighting drills. Speed drills, endurance drills. Partner exercise and drills. Remember self-discipline and enjoying hard physical training.

Class 2 short on-line readings:Beijing Olympics & Martial Arts Class Teach Common Sense Cooperation and Improve Stretch and Strength With Better Kicking

Class 2 movie to watch: Fast Fitness - Fixing Arches, Knock Knee, and Knee Pain Without Orthotics

Class 2 Textbook readings: Spirit 128-141. Speed 117-122.


Class 3

Multiple attackers. Increasing strength. Partner exercise and drills. Remember self-discipline and enjoying hard physical training.

Class 3 short on-line readings: Fast Fitness - Don't Shorten Hip When Stretching Hamstring and Fast Fitness - Core Hip & Body, Posture Strength & Balance

Class 3 movie to watch: Fast Fitness - Sprain Prevention and Rehab Training

Class 3 Textbook readings: Strength 12-42. Cardiovascular Conditioning 102-107, Breathing 142-144. Healthy Mind 123-127.

More will be available in class each week.


Before the Semester Ends

Remember to register for Warrior yoga and next boxing class. Pre-registration is required. If you just come to the door, you may find 20 people ahead of you, or waiting for a class already cancelled for lack of pre-registration.

Now that you have gotten a good start, you may like our Karate class with Paul Plevakas Sensei ("Sensei" means teacher). Karate is held Monday and Thursday evenings at our karate dojo ("dojo" means training hall) on 21st street between Sansom and Chestnut Street. Click the class page for more information on Karate.


Academy Certification for various kickboxing levels may be earned by top students through guided study with Dr. Bookspan


Physical Development

Typical training in Muay Thai involves long hours of physical conditioning and practice kicking and striking heavy bags, practice pads, and sparring partners.


Boxing preparation, stretch, meditation, and respect to teacher - Wai Khru



Students practice strikes and blocks


Kicks to target sites, and blocking kicks by leg and arm techniques


Sparring Drills, multiple opponents, falls


Pushups of all kinds


Elbows strikes/blocks. Exercise for legs and holding posture with abs.


Always Training



Learning Kickboxing Terms
Boxing teacher Kroo Muay
Teacher accepts new student Khuen Kroo
Respect to teacher Wai Kroo
Promote Jad
Anklet Aenken
Block Bat
To kick Dtae
To hit Dtee
Throw Ting
To box/boxing Dtoi
Shadow boxing Dtoi Lom
To thrash Faad
To duck Lop
To dodge/evade Pang nga
Left/to left Saai
Right/to right Kwaa
Camp Kai
Boxing Camp Kai Muay
Boxing Stadium Sanam Muay
Break (referee) Yaek
Judging gaan dadsin
To judge/decide Dadsin
Professional boxing Muay acheep
Novice bout Gawn welaa
International boxing Muay sakon
Main bout Koo ek
Champion Champ
Boxer Nak Muay
Fight Chok
Red corner Faidaeng
Blue corner Fainamnerng
Boxer's shorts Gangkeng Muay
Gloves Nuam
Fight music Dontree Muay
Groin guard Grajaab
Weight Namnak
Punching Garsawb
Ring of Charms Kruang ruang
Ceremonial headband Mongkon
Ring Weh tee
Ring ropes Sangwien
Weight category Run


Hand techniques
Swing Sawing
Block Bat
To hit Dtee
Jab Yaeb
To punch Dtee mat
To elbow Dtee sawk
Hook punch Hook
Straight punch Mat drong
Upper cut Mat at
Rating Andap
Jump Kradot
Referee Gamagan

Kicking techniques
Turning kick Chaoraked faad
Knee kick Dtae kao
Kick with foot Dtae tao
Roundhouse Dtae wiang
Over arm knee kick Kao kong
Jumping knee kick Kao lov
Frontal knee kick Kao drong
Jumping kick Kradot dtae
Push with sole foot Teep
Foot thrust to rear Teep dan lang
Heel push Teep dueh son
Forward foot push Teep drong



In Thailand,
there is great love and respect for King, Country, and Buddha.



We learn to apply focus and meditation to everyday happenings.
There is more in-depth instruction on techniques learned in the first boxing class,
plus new things in each class.
Fun workouts, excellent instructor, and concentration on form.
- Karen Randolph


We learn to clear the mind and discipline the mind and body.
We practice effective techniques.
- Zhi Li


I have taken many classes taught by Dr. Jolie Bookspan. She continues to inspire me to go further, in class and in life. I look forward to the many classes I plan to take in the future. There are often times when I come into class with the many distractions of my day, stress, work, relationships. Jolie allows me to escape all the noise, focus on myself and my body. Her classes have helped me in more ways, than even she will ever know. Thank you Dr. Bookspan.
- Sandra Davidson

"What is a magician but a practicing theorist?" ~ Obi-Wan Kenobi


To Be Injury and Pain-Free

  • All techniques in this class are intended to decrease injury potential and improve function starting as soon as you begin using them.

  • You should feel effort and exercise in your muscles during and after class, but no strain, twisting, or pain to any joints. If something hurts, you may not be positioning yourself properly. Check with Dr. Bookspan.

  • Do not do anything that increases joint pain or injury potential.

  • Pain may occur if you use bad positioning habits and exercises that strain muscles and put joints into unhealthy positioning. Don't do that.

  • Keep healthy common sense and use your brain.

  • Practice until healthy motion becomes natural and the way you move for all daily life.

  • Get your class textbook, "Healthy Martial Arts." and do all readings. Read Student Responsibility, below.

  • Ask questions of things that do not seem right for you.

  • Enjoy improving your mind and body. Smile. Relax. Breathe.

  • Schedule appointment, if needed.


Student Resources

Free Readings on This Web Site To Fix and Prevent Injury

The Fitness Fixer

Change exercise to healthier ways with my free health compendium, formerly running on Healthline, from 2006 to 2010. Search The Index.


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Class Texts

Healthy Martial Arts
Wealth of training for body and mind. Available in class at discount to students.

Stretching Smarter Stretching Healthier

The Ab Revolution™ No More Crunches! No More Back Pain! New, completely revised 4th Print edition and 4th edition in eBook.
No forward bending that stresses disc. Combination of sports medicine and fun exercise to straighten posture and get a healthier stronger workout than with conventional forward bending abdominal exercises. Change your understanding of what abdominal muscles do (and don't do) during daily activity and what they have to do with your back. Used by military, law enforcement, and the nation's top spine doctors.


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Student Responsibility

We Pledge To A Strong Happy Class That Learns Healthier Ways:



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