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All the Ways To Get Better -  "Start-Right-Now" Free Readings, Appointments, Ask Questions, Classes, Books, Our Resort, More


  1. Start right now with free summary articles. Solid information to learn to identify causes, and fix and prevent your own pain. No ads for silly fitness products, no sales pitches. Articles include fixing neck pain, back pain, discs, sciatica, knee pain, foot pain, The Ab Revolution method of solving swayback and back pain from long standing and running, healthier better training, mental fitness, and others. Click Start right now to open a new tab with this same page for the list, OR scroll down this page for the articles.

  2. Rare private appointments. Motivated fun people can fast-track their recovery and train directly with me. I have no office; I bike to meet you at your center city Philadelphia hotel gym or meeting room. Executive appointments, around an hour and a half each, include consult, assessment, full education and practice of methods to improve during your appointment. Instead of weeks to get better, we can often do all needed while you are here. Come for an appointment to learn everything, then have time around the city to relax and sightsee while putting what you learned into practice. Qualified people can meet with me again the next day or so, to fix more, practice what they aren't sure of, ask more questions, and advance further. HOW TO apply: In a fun note, let me know how you already use, and are getting better from my work, and what else you'd like to achieve so that I know the next thing you need, to improve right away before arriving. Indicate your center city location for my house-call, and a few preferred dates. Please don't book dates or places without checking if I am available. Please follow these few instructions and make a good impression, not write only that you want an appointment or that you have pain, without all the above. You lose time you could be getting better while I wait for you to supply needed info. Click here for a separate page with appointment details, how to get better enough to travel comfortably, hotels, fun local events during your stay, map & directions, more questions answered before writing to I never sell or share your e-mail. That is not health. Certification work and master classes for your group, by arrangement. For everyone using this appointment e-mail to say you don't want an appointment here but want me to fix your pain remotely, use #1 above or #3 Individual Care, below.

Wendy traveled from the United Kingdom for an appointment.


3. Work with me privately over e-mail for personalized answers for fixing pain and better training. Use Individual Care.


4. Learn in person in a group class with me (Dr. Bookspan). I offer several fun fast-moving classes to fix pain and learn healthy movement skills, increase function and prevent injury during all you do. All are welcome - physicians and military, trainers, athletes, and lay public. Click Classes to see next class on the schedule. To come here with your group for a personalized private workshop, set it up through #2 (Private Appointments) above.


5. Bring me to your location for private or group classes. Creative ideas welcome for locations and organization. See project 6 on the Projects page. Class organizer CIndy Monroy wrote: "Thank you so much for the opportunity to have a class. This class is a life changing experience and we are all interested in attending another class in the future. You have so much to offer the world."


6. Earn Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine certification in top methods. Learn directly with me in group workshops (#4) or private training (#2 above).


7. Find more answers among almost 800 short articles on my free on-line health compendium The Fitness Fixer - Search The Fitness Fixer Index. (These are not the fix pain summaries on this page. Scroll down for those.)


8. Read Inspiring Patient Stories - patients fixed their back pain, foot pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, fallen arches, and neck pain, and went on to happy, healthier lives using these methods. Not testimonials, but tutorials so you can do it too.


9. Get the books - The info you need, easy-to-read, portable, fix-it.


10. Have fun with a Cool Project for yourself or your community. Plus how to send in your videos, photos, and ideas. Projects Page.


11. Get a great-feeling Thai Massage. Massage doesn't fix most causes of pain so I work with you to stop those directly, and so that you can understand and fix pain yourself, whenever you need. Then you get this specialty massage because it's wonderful, not because you're captive to ongoing "treatments." Read about the myths, the data on benefit, and how to schedule this treat of Thai Massage for yourself or a friend.


12. Open Our Center. I was the first to put healthy fitness programs on cruise ships. Previously, no one thought of resorts and cruising for activity. Some rare photos of that here. I developed techniques to change unhealthy standard hospital and rehab techniques, and pioneered functional exercise and fitness - a page about that here. My dream is to head up a center of true health. Fresh air and sun and my top classes and methods. Maybe conferences and master classes at your campus or center? Get in touch to make this happen - See Project 5.

ALT =[“Dr. Jolie Bookspan: Dr. Bookspan with students of classes to fix their pain.”]



What We Do -  Summary of My Work

Not all Exercise is Medicine. Not all Medicine is Healthy.
I Change That
The real health care reform


Making someone give up activities they love isn't "Health Care." It isn't healthy or effective rehab (or good use of your time) to go for repeated treatments but have pain return and be told to live with it. Neither is limiting daily life movement, or using a cane, orthotic or brace as a "fix"- an approach called "Limit the patient to limit the pain." Instead, I developed methods that use your real daily life, your normal activities, and the sports you love, to retrain movement habits (function) so that all you do, from straightening your standing and walking, sitting at the desk, cleaning the house, taking the stairs, and bending for things, to your sports, training, work, and exercise, are doable, healthy, and fun again. We stop causes of pain and limited movement. Then your injuries from previous unhealthful movement habits can heal. You get healthy biomechanics built-in to all you do. This is all called functional medicine, fitness as a (real) lifestyle, and functional training. This is different from doing sets and reps of exercises, then going back to injurious movement and bent up positioning in daily life and training.


Making Medicine Healthy. I pioneered functional fitness and medicine - retraining daily life movement habits and biomechanics to be built-in health for all you do - and developed these methods. They combine tested therapeutic rehab modalities with innovative techniques that you put into practice to relieve pain and improve your looks and health right away. The idea is to get you off pain pills and constant treatments, and back to your life, better than before. This is not "alternative medicine." This is standard of care, evidence-based sports medicine techniques, with the added benefit of being from a primary source, applied to real life - where you actually need it.


Beside neck and back pain, shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, and feet are welcome: Herniated and degenerating discs, sciatica, low back pain, hyperlordosis, upper back pain (cervical pain) and rounded upper back and shoulders (kyphosis), upper crossed syndrome, nerve impingement (pinched nerve), facet pain, forward head, muscle tightness and strain, overstretched muscles and fasciitis - These are not diseases, but injuries that you can fix. We also improve your physical capacity and health, and check for unhealthy habits of life, food, medicines, and medical care. You can be fitter and healthier than before.


You don't have to do sports or be an athlete to get better with sports medicine. Retraining movement habits (better biomechanics) in daily life is built-in fitness as a lifestyle and injury prevention (functional fitness medicine). I do not consider it health care to go for repeated treatments or sets and reps of rehab exercises, then have pain chronically return. Rolling a tennis ball or foam roller does not fix the source of problems. I teach you specific skills to stop sources of your pain and problems, and improve function, the way you need in real life so you can get your life back, better than before.


Athletes use these methods to directly retrain their sports and exercises to be healthier and more effective at the same time. Good biomechanics is a powerful athletic performance enhancer. I show you top training methods and innovations to go higher, faster, farther, fix injuries you have, and prevent future injury.

Elders: Becoming slower, stiffer, unsteadier, and weaker as years pass is more from lack of specific healthful movement than an inescapable aging process. I teach techniques to restore upper back mobility and normal kyphosis, leg strength and balance, healthy knee and hip dynamics, and disc spacing associated with functionally younger age. Skills, not pills - I show you how to make it possible to straighten out, gain balance needed to get off a cane, stop painful musculoskeletal habits so you don't need pain pills in the first place, and improve strength and mobility to have your life and independence back.


Clinicians learn these techniques to reduce preventable hospitalizations, readmissions, emergency room visits, and to improve health outcomes for patients from youth to geriatric. These are major Health Care Reform Initiatives that will be required in hospitals, care facilities, and teaching centers.


Adventures: My years in the lab were devoted to healthier ways to survive - not only injury, but extremes in heat and cold, altitude and underwater, high g-Forces, top training modalities for military and athletes, and disturbances in movement. More on me and my work is on my Adventure page.


ALT =[“Black Belts Learned Better Training with Dr. Jolie Bookspan: Students of Dr. Bookspan's Black Belt Hall of Fame 2011 seminar on the Top 10 Injury Prevention Techniques.”]

Black Belt Hall of Fame 2011 - My Seminar Students of "Top 10 Injury Prevention Techniques"


"Dr. Bookspan, you are the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of science and movement."
- Jesse McDonald

What Patients Say

Dr. Jolie Bookspan is the "St. Jude of the Joints. If there is a way for you to get better, she'll find it.
- Dr. James Mann, Surgeon Podiatrist, Joslin Clinic Harvard School of Medicine.

Despite consultations with my orthopedist, two rehabilitation specialists, a sports personal trainer, and a physical therapist, my best advice for post-operative care of my knee has come from Dr. Jolie Bookspan.
If you want to get on with your life, she is the door.
- Green Beret Lt. Col. R. Kelly Hill, MD, Swat Team Leader, Physician

I had been in PT for 2 years before coming to Dr. Jolie Bookspan.
I can't remember one day when I felt as good as I did after the first day with her.
- Camille Simms

Here is the incredible Kaethe - see her story on the Patient Success page.

More Comments

Why Learn From A Researcher?

ALT =[“Dr. Jolie Bookspan: Dr. Bookspan rock climbing in the southwest.”] As a physiologist (person who studies how the body works and why), I develop the techniques that physicians use.

I worked years as a military and university researcher in environmental physiology, which is how the body functions in the heat and cold, at altitude and underwater, breathing many mixtures of gases, doing different forms and intensities of exercise, and all kinds of injuries.

It's important to understand why things work. If you don't understand, then you can't think for yourself, and all you can do is repeat the mistakes of your teachers, who were repeating what they learned in a book, from other people who were repeating what they heard, maybe not correctly, and without thinking, and endlessly on.

You can quickly learn and use what I spent my life researching so that you can be happy, free of pain, and able to do all you love that is good. Scroll down for free summary articles and fix it right now. Click the CLASS page to come learn more with me, and get certified through the Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine (AFEM).

I fix pain, even injuries top docs told people they had to live with. I develop techniques that make top athletes go higher, faster, farther. What do I do that makes tough military guys cry? Click my Adventure Research page.



Photo of Dr. Jolie Bookspan, barefoot climbing, by Paul Plevakas

"Thanks for all that you do for these athletes."
- Joseph Estwanik, M.D., FACSM, Orthopaedic surgeon,
Chairman of Ringside Physician's Course U.S. Olympic Training Center, National Physician of the Year, USA Boxing, 1997

ALT =[“Students of Spine Injury Prevention Seminar with Dr. Jolie Bookspan: Students of Dr. Bookspan's Black Belt Hall of Fame 2012 seminar on Spine Injury Prevention.”]

2012 Black Belt Hall of Fame Students  in my Seminar "Spine Injury Prevention"


Get Your Life Back and Enjoy It
- The Fixa U


We put the Fun in FUNctional. It's the Health Care Reform School. We call it Fixa U  See us for when you want to be hip, not need a new one. 

Click here for more about the entire Academy and all the training and opportunities and here for the  Fixa U Dept of Silly Syndromes

When I read medical studies that claim positive medicinal effects from humor and laughter, they are numbingly humorless. When I visit medical fitness programs and gyms where people are exercising for health, everyone looks miserable.

Then you have people like my Mom, a professional dancer. One of the classes she teaches is tap dance for senior citizens. She named one of her lively groups, "The Clogging Arteries." Another is "Tapaholics Phenomenous - We Do More Than 12 Steps."Our backup singers are "The Fifth Dementia."  Our Muses are the human conditions, Absurdities, Stupidities, and Inanities. We treat Irony Deficiency Disease and lower High falutin levels.

Josh Billings (pen name of humorist Henry Shaw) summed it up, "There ain't much fun in medicine, but there's a heck of a lot of medicine in fun.



Here's my Mom (at center, then 83 years old) and some students at the end of a 24 hour tap marathon. There is sound with this video.

If the video does not load on your device, click


ALT =[“Dr. Jolie Bookspan: Dr. Bookspan volunteering at a Red Cross Blood Drives.”]  
Here I am volunteering at a
Red Cross Blood Drive - I'm the one in the hat

ALT =[“Dr. Jolie Bookspan: Dr. Bookspan with some of her bird friends.”]
Having a laugh with some friends

ALT =[“Dr. Jolie Bookspan: Dr. Bookspan juggling with juggler Mike LeRoy after fixing his neck and shoulder pain.”]
Juggling with Mike LeRoy, professional juggler, who developed neck and shoulder pain from balancing bicycles and refrigerators on his chin. I fixed his pain and we enjoyed juggling together.

ALT =[“Dr. Jolie Bookspan: Dr. Bookspan with kangaroo friends.”]

Photo above, these guys were unexpectedly soft to pet.




Photo Below: I entered the contest "I look Like My Dog"       Here are the results. What do you think?
(thank you Sierra Club for my wolf photo)

ALT =[“Dr. Jolie Bookspan: Dr. Bookspan in the 'I Look Like My Dog' contest.”]


Right Now Fixing Your Own Pain and Training Better - Use These Free Summary Articles


"Dear Dr. Bookspan,
"Thank you so much for the free information you provide on your web site. I was able to apply your techniques and I feel better already. This is after buying a $2500 bed, $100 pillow, countless videos and exercise equipment, and still finding no relief.

"I just made a donation to your web site (I wish it could have been more, but I’m still paying off that darn bed!) I plan to buy your books and share with my family and friends.

"Most web sites only give you a small amount of information because they want you to buy their book or program. I so appreciate the fact that you are helping humanity by putting this information out, free. Seriously, when you are in pain, it is hard to enjoy life, so you are doing a great service here."

"A thousand thank yous!!!"
Regards, Leann Pearce



Fix Your Back Pain

Photo- WMS medical conference July 2010  Fix Pain class - physicians, military, and smart students

Français! - Prévenir le mal de dos en cas de longue station assise

Español!-! Dolor de Espalda y Que Hacer?





ALT =[“Violinist Sha, Patient of Dr. Jolie Bookspan: Fixed her neck pain with Dr. Bookspan.”] Fix Your Neck and Upper Back Pain
Upper Crossed Syndrome, Reduced Cervical Lordosis, Forward Head
, Rotator Cuff, TIghtness, and Shoulder Pain


"Thank you for fixing my neck pain.
I feared i'd never play violin again after the accident." - Sha



ALT =[“Patients of Dr. Jolie Bookspan: Saved from knee replacement.”]


Fix Your Knee Pain



Fix Your Foot and Metatarsal Pain


Healthier Abdominal and Core Function


Healthier, Saner Fitness and Training


Prevent and Fix Pain From Long Sitting




Mental and Emotional Fitness Training




Functional Exercise and Fitness Training - Fitness as a Lifestyle


ALT =[“Black Belt Hall of Fame students of Dr. Jolie Bookspan: Black Belt Instructors brought their students to Dr. Bookspan's seminar on how to teach healthier stretching.”]

Here are my Students of the Black Belt Hall of Fame class of 2016 in my seminar on how to teach healthier stretching. Back row are martial arts teachers, front row are their students.



Translate an Article

Translate an article and I will add it here with your name credit. The world will benefit and you will sure learn the information better for yourself. Mail: translate @ DrBookspan DOT com. Bravo!


Quien habla dos lenguas vale por dos. (He who speaks two languages is worth two [people].)

ALT =[“No necesito cirugia de espia dorsal, gracias a Doctora Bookspan.”]

Carla Murador says, "I don't need spine surgery, thanks to Dr. Bookspan"
For the article "Back Pain and What To Do" in Spanish, click Dolor de Espina y Que Hacer, translated by Dialma Betancourt



The Fitness Fixer™ 

Dr. Jolie Bookspan is The Fitness Fixer
When exercise and medicine aren't healthy - we Fix It! 

I don't repeat pop fitness. I am a primary source researcher (real laboratory research) to find fun healthy innovations to change exercise back into health. It's not fitness as a lifestyle if you have to change clothes and go to a gym. I show how your daily life (functional movement) can be healthy in body and spirit.

  • For four years I brought my column "The Fitness Fixer" to the Healthline company - almost 800 free articles - not repeating the news, but making it. When the column ended in 2010, the company removed all photos and movies I had made for the articles. Later, they started removing my articles and redirecting links from my articles to their own. The original articles are now gone. I found Blogspot archives that hopefully still have many of them grouped by topic. It's best to use that to find Fitness Fixer articles. Here is the Index. I am still working on removing links from the Index that went to the now-gone Healthline articles, and redirecting to the BlogSpot archives.

  • I continue my Fitness Fixer on Twitter. Quick healthier fitness and medicine, next classes, reader successes, contests, World Health projects, more. Some reader Tweets below. For answers and more, click  No account needed, just click and visit.


Dale Newnham @dalenewnham
@TheFitnessFixer Recovered from crippling sciatica without surgery
by following your advice age 50 ran 10K in 44min, rode 100 miles no pain!

Paul Jenkins @frugal_trader
@TheFitnessFixer Can you explain the swimming warm down? Seems like they are expending needed energy.

Renee @brukaoru
Highly recommend this website,
so much great info for mind/body/spirit health -

@TheFitnessFixer Nice post. But how do you feel about sitting at 135 degree angle?

Carol Steinfeld @wateringwoman
@TheFitnessFixer Love your stuff!

Shayna Waldman @ShaynaWaldman
@TheFitnessFixer What helps with altitude sickness on airplanes?

Gerardine Henning @fineshapesofart
@TheFitnessFixer I still use your two books
that I bought a few years ago. Wonderful advice to pull me back when I forget!

Penelope Fiend @veryfiendish
@TheFitnessFixer Dr Bookspan, what are the ideal sleeping positions? What are bad? Do you address this in any of your books? Thank you!

Kent MacWilliam @geolackey
Stuck at a desk? Fix your neck pain. This worked in the length of time it took to read! … via @TheFitnessFixer




Fun Gifts For Healthy Movement




Books - Fix Pain, Get Healthy, Go Diving, Have Fun.




Don't worry about people stealing your ideas.
If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats.
- Howard Aiken


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