A quick page of comments and evaluations by students of Dr. Bookspan. More comments for each specific class are on each class syllabus.


It's been a pleasure to know you. I don't think I'll ever find a yoga teacher as knowledgeable as you.
- Ellen Marcolongo, APRN

Dr. Bookspan's classes are different, powerful, fun, and very POSITIVE.
- Yoga class student

I have been so much more aware of keeping my lower back in line. I really grasped that the last few classes I attended, and it is paying off.
- Marcella Reis

I have worked out for a long time & have not yet been able to target the areas in my legs that we did last night-spots I've wanted to tone for most of my adult life! Just wanted to let you know & tell you how psyched I am for the rest of the program. Thank you for showing me so many new things!
- Cynthia Brown, certified AFFA aerobics instructor

The teacher respects the participants as individuals. It sounds simple but indeed that is rare and makes all the difference
-Allison Millard

Dr. Bookspan is great! She cuts through the trendy "crap." She really cares about the class and the progress of the students, and tailors the class to meet individual needs.
- Kristine Grimmett

It is rigorous and Dr. Bookspan is a great coach - exacting and caring. I had total confidence that she would not let me hurt myself. Dr. Bookspan has shown me that I can prevent injury, be in control of my aches and pains, and avoid being a victim of aging.
- Nadeen VanTuyle


I look and feel better. Dr. Bookspan has shown me that your body can do amazing things and anything is possible.
- Karen Reynolds

I am the woman with the rods in my back. I wanted to write to tell you that I got so much out of that class. I find the exercises for the upper back most helpful. I am happy for the steps you gave me to help myself.
- Ira Jones

I am finally feeling better after trying everyone and everything else. Thank you for your encouragement and wonderful techniques-I've become a believer! I'll continue to follow your good advice. You run a great class! Your techniques along with your ability to teach them, makes the class very powerful. Thanks again for all your help. Your recommendations have been great and really got me on the right track.
- Mike Botel Associates


Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm glad to be able to take your class again--you really make it empowering spiritually and in other ways!
- Dr. Amy Kao, neurologist

This class has made my life better. I learned ways to be stronger in my everyday life, and that there are things I can do to avoid the sinking feeling of getting old.
- Robert (Rocky) Wilson

There are not many people in this world who have inspired and encouraged me the way you have and those people are very special.
- Melissa Brand, United Kingdom

Jolie, thanks for an outstanding educational experience. You are an outstanding instructor and the classes are challenging. Your efforts are appreciated.
- Dr. Martin Dembitzer, Psychologist

The classes are upbeat and fun and are different from others because of the educational component.
- John Gwinn

Dr. Bookspan is a brilliant, caring instructor whose confidence in her students makes them want to do their very best
- Jim Passio


I just wanted to tell you how great your kick boxing class was. After a hard day's work of dealing with other people's crap, your class lifted my spirits and lowered my blood pressure :-) It was a challenging workout and I enjoyed every minute of it.
- Danielle Williams

Thanks for all that you do for these athletes.
- Dr. Joseph Estwanik, Orthopaedic surgeon, Chairman of Ringside Physician's Course, U.S. Olympic Training Center, author of "Sports Medicine for the Combat Arts"

It's all about "Changing People's Lives" and you are living proof
- Ken Germano Executive Director of ACE - American Council for Exercise


Comments for each separate class are on each Class Syllabus. Click each syllabus on the CLASS page.


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